How did Azam Khan Make His name in Pakistan Cricket: 2021


Azam Khan removed the tag of “Safarshi” and unfit from their career due to his performance recently said by Moin Khan. It’s easy to get to this level but it’s hard to stay there, you have to work hard and make sacrifices to maintain your place in the playing x1, be it Azam khan or any other player, hard work always pays off said by ex-captain Moin Khan.

Azam Khan with his father moin khan
Moin Khan kissing His Son Azam Khan during PSL

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Former national team captain Moin Khan says that Azam Khan has removed the tag of recommendation and unfit. In an exclusive interview, 50 years old Moin Khan questioned the role of team management in the selection of the final playing XI against south Pakistan vs South Africa. Moin Khan said that it is a good thing that Babar Azam has been given the option to choose the final playing XI as he is the top performer in the team and he will have the confidence to get performance from the players.

Whether there was such an option or not but it is good that this trend has changed, I am sure that when Babar has full authority then the national team will perform well. He also lauded the selection committee for giving preference to players who have excelled in domestic cricket for the upcoming Test series against South Africa. He added that the series against the Proteas would be difficult for the home team.

Moin Khan said that domestic performers have been included in the squad which will enhance the performance of the team as decisions are being made on merit. Pakistan will have to improve its performance as the South African team is in good form but Pakistan should take advantage of the home ground. Moin hoped that leg spinner Yasir Shah would perform well in the home series. He also criticized Zafar Gohar’s decision to play in the second Test against New Zealand. He said that if the situation in Karachi Test was in favor of the spinners then Yasir Shah would prove to be effective and if the leg spinner is in Rythem sometimes it becomes very difficult to play him.

Moin Khan said that I also think that the decision to play Zafar Gohar in the presence of Yasir against New Zealand was a wrong decision because Zafar Gohar is not suitable for Test cricket, Zafar Gohar’s performance in domestic cricket is also not very effective. Which can’t be said. Moin Khan says that Azam Khan has removed the tag of recommended and unfitness from his name due to his performance in recent times. Every father is happy with the development of his children but as a professional coach, I am critical of things. I see it is easy to reach this level but difficult to stay there, it takes hard work and sacrifices to maintain it.

I also try to explain these things to my son Azam Khan, he showed a good performance in the Pakistan Cup recently, may he remain in the same rhythm in the future.

Moin Khan said that it would be a pleasure for Azam Khan to play and perform in T20 format for Pakistan. The whole world has come to know about Azam’s talent and now he is recommended for his performance The tag has also been removed, whether it is Azam or any other player, hard work is definitely rewarded.

Azam Khan Recent Performances

Azam khan till now have played 31 T20 in his career. In 30 innings azam khan scored 645 runs with the strike rate of 159 which is very good for T20 batsman.


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